How Customer Experience will Save Your Brand

In a world in which anyone can order any product at any time with just the click of a mouse, the once dominant differentiators of price and product are quickly disappearing. In fact, it’s predicted that in just two years, customer experience will become the key competitive advantage for any organization, no matter the product or service. In other words, brand identity will be less about what you’re selling and more about both how you sell it and what you do after the sale. 

customer service

In fact, 66% of people who switched brands did so because of poor service and 85% of that churn is entirely preventable. When added up, those defections cost companies $62 billion.

So, what can companies do about it? The simplest answer is to create a better customer experience, but as always, the devil is in the details. When surveyed, 75% of people say that they can be swayed by a faster response time, 55% want a more consistent experience across all channels, and 28% want the right information available across all those channels as well. 

At the heart of all of this is gaining access to answers – no matter the channel. Today a lot of the information that would resolve customer issues is siloed in different databases that often aren’t accessible by people and technologies in other departments. All this fragmentation leads to a disparate customer experience, and 87% of people surveyed say that brands fail to deliver a cohesive experience. The good news is that those who do overcome this obstacle and manage to deliver a seamless experience see 91% greater retention rates. So clearly customers mean what they say.

But this is about solving customer problems, and that’s not possible when the information just isn’t available. By unifying information and making it findable, eliminates the 20% of time that workers spend looking for the right information across the enterprise. When that information shows up as part of their core user interface, workers can see their productivity rise by a third. 

All this is to say that the key to solving the biggest brand issue facing companies lies right within their own grasp.

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