How AI Modernizes the Corporate Intranet

The corporate intranet remains the lifeblood of any major enterprise. Over the last decade it has emerged as a key location for ideas, documents and collaboration. But for many it can also be a frustrating morass of information that remains difficult to find, forcing people to rely on email or instant messages to trade ideas and documents. 

Intranet Search

The main problem is that many intranets were developed early in the online revolution and have been slow to evolve. Outside of work, employees are used to intuitive search experiences in their personal lives with tools like Google, Alexa, and Siri, and now they expect the same personalized, highly relevant experience for information access in the enterprise. They seek answers, not a list of results.

What’s more, people want to connect to the information they need to do their jobs quickly and easy. If they can’t, then they simply become frustrated and find workarounds. Not only does this lead to wasted time and uninformed decisions, it can also lead to issues with morale and, ultimately, churn.  

Corporate Intranet Search and the Digital Workplace 

The answer lies in a building a better unified digital workplace by utilizing AI building blocks for corporate intranet search. Modern, cognitive technologies provide answers to questions instead of just returning a list of documents, so you can deliver truly personalized search experiences depending on the user’s position, interactions, intents, and patterns. A user in marketing will be looking for different answers than a developer or engineer, even if they’re using similar query language. 

By giving them better information in a way that feels more natural, they are more engaged and therefore satisfied as employees. Plus, it allows them to find the right expertise to so they can work more closely together.

This has been the experience of such large brands as National Instruments. They replaced existing search tools with the Attivio Platform and increased engagement by providing people better access to the information they needed. It allowed everyone to work from one central point of information within the corporate intranet.

‪It’s all about making the intranet the central brain of the organization, helping everyone work together to grow and thrive as one, cohesive community.


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