Hackathon to Simplify Customer Success


Attivio Hackthon 2019 Winter

Last week we held our second Hackathon. These are always a favorite company event, and it allows us to get creative and build new things (and future products) outside of our day-to-day focus.

This time, we were tasked with thinking about solutions that would “Simplify Customer Success,” one of our six company values.

We crowdsourced ideas from across the company (from sales enablement to R&D to marketing). In the end, we settled on pursuing four distinct projects, we and broke into teams. 


Hackathon 2019 winter work in progress 3 peopleHackathon 2019 winter working 4 people in one room


Teams got to work. The best ideas are often written on walls and windows.

Hackathon 2019 winter work in progress whiteboard checkedHackathon 2019 winter work in progress with glass note

We ate.


Hackathon 2019 winter we ate carb tooHackathon 2019 winter we ate healthy


Then came the hard part – actually turning ideas into reality.

Hackathon 2019 winter code in progressHackathon 2019 winter work in progress with whiteboard

On Friday during lunch, each team presented their project to the rest of the company.

Hackathon 2019 winter Presentation starts with herHackathon 2019 winter presentation team 1
Hackathon 2019 winter presentationHackathon 2019 winter presentation standing

The winner? Team AC/DC (Accelerating Customer Support with Docker Containers) who created a better solution for support ticket bottlenecks. The new product should help R&D and QA teams identify, replicate, and fix problems faster for our customers. And though their idea, and execution ultimately won them the title, their presentation – complete with an AC/DC soundtrack probably helped too. Events like the Hackathons is one reason why Built In Boston picked us as a Best Place to Work in Boston.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.