Gift Yourself a GSA Replacement

At this point in the holiday season, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about, and shopping for others. But what’s a gift you can get yourself that would make your life easier in 2019? Here are three reasons why switching from GSA to Attivio is that gift.

1. Poor search is costing you hours It’s also expensive.

People aren’t searching for the fun of it – it’s part of their workflow. The more time they devote to search, the less time they can spend doing something else. If it’s your customers, you risk lower retention rates, costly support escalations and lower NPS and CSAT.

2. Your search results aren’t answering the questions asked

The stats are alarming. Juniper Research found that 85% of site searches don’t return relevant results. Most search solutions aren’t great at understanding the context or meaning behind the question, instead, they are focused on identifying keywords. Attivio’s natural language processing and text analytics allow your search to understand the true intent of each query. And using machine learning, over time search results improve and become more personalized.

3. You’re not flexible

You don’t necessarily want to be tethered to a box? You want a search solution that fits your unique needs. Attivio can be deployed on premise (like GSA), in the cloud, or in a multi-cloud environment.

An Attivio GSA replacement doesn’t have to break the budget either. For a limited time, we’re offering a special GSA replacement rate, starting at less than $3K a month!

Find a time before the end of the year to talk with an Attivio specialist about your legacy search replacement options.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.