Elevate Your Support Game

Elevate for ServiceNow

Right now, the remaining teams in college basketball’s tournament are pouring over their opponents’ game tapes and analyzing every available piece of information in an effort to discover something that will give their team an advantage during this weekend’s Final Four.

Just like in sports, in businesses information also drives a winning game plan.

However, for employees tasked with finding answers for customers or employees, finding the best information that resolves a problem is a major challenge. Crucial information is scattered all across a company. This information may exist in a platform like ServiceNow or Jira, in a CRM, FAQ, or even a past email.

The time it takes for these employees - tasked with resolving support issues quickly and satisfyingly - to identify, access, and ultimately resolve problems too often results in a support poor experience. As a result, key metrics like mean-time-to-resolution, CSAT, and call deflection all suffer.

To address this challenge, and outline how our new product, Elevate for ServiceNow, solves these information challenges, we came up with a game plan of our own: Elevate Your Support Game: Adding Search to Your ServiceNow Game Plan.

Giving this piece a quick read, any ServiceNow user can learn how putting intelligent answers and insights at the core of their ServiceNow road map leads to a better support experience by:

  • Providing more precise, current and correct answers for users looking for help via a self-service portal
  • Rapidly arming helpdesk technicians, support agents, and HR professionals with the information they need, directly offering them recommended content and next best actions, helping them resolve issues fast.
  • Taking advantage of AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics within your existing ServiceNow workflow
  • Supporting your key players who rely on the ServiceNow platform

Elevate for ServiceNow is ready to get in the game whenever you need to devise a game plan that uses AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics to deliver the right answer. Book your Elevate demo here.

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