Dell EMC Embeds the Attivio Platform in its Analytic Insights Module

It's pretty obvious to anyone who follows analytics and Big Data that an end-to-end solution for the Big Data stack will require best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors. No single vendor can develop all the technology pieces on its own. New applications and data processing frameworks emerge and change much too quickly. As enterprises strive to create a modern and flexible hybrid data infrastructure, they look for technologies that are easy to embed and extend.

That's why Dell EMC™ chose the Attivio Data Unification Platform for its Analytic Insights Module. The Attivio platform is definitely OEM friendly. Its architecture is open, scalable, and API-accessible, which makes for secure and seamless integration with other systems.

Dell EMC and Attivio: A Powerful Partnership

As I noted in a previous blog, OEM collaborations take time to develop as the partner works through its product development and release cycles. These tend to be mutually strategic relationships so the more OEM friendly a platform or application, the better it is for the relationship. 

The Value of Embedding

Since so much of analytics at scale involves finding, understanding and correlating data, embedding data discovery functionality in the Analytic Insights Module just makes sense. It reduces time to market and increases product differentiation while controlling costs.

In the past year, Attivio was named an industry leader by Forrester and Gartner in not just one but three categories: Big Data Search and Discovery, Enterprise Search, and Big Data Text Analytics. Our platform's components include:

  • A data catalog that federates disparate data sources—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured—from any type of data storage
  • Text analytics for advanced analysis of unstructured content, including entity extraction, classification, and sentiment analysis
  • Enterprise search for aggregating information and making it easily accessible

These capabilities can add value to any OEM's Big Data initiative.

To find out more about the Attivio / Dell EMC collaboration, read the press release.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.