Data Discovery Requires the Right Data and the Right Connections

There’s no mistaking that you need to leverage your data to gain a competitive advantage. We hear it from the analysts, experts and those who have been there and know what the power data can do.

Data Discovery Requires the Right Data and the Right Connections


Finding the Right Data

But it’s not as simple as pulling up all your data sources, connecting them together and then doing the analysis. What happens instead is you spend days, weeks, even months trying to find the right information across all the silos of applications and data repositories inside your organization, many of which are hidden from view.

Then you look for external data sources that can also provide much-needed insights. It’s a manual, time-consuming task, and there are more bottlenecks to getting it done than you’d like.

The challenges to data collection and integration flow across departments and teams in your organization. Lines of business must work with IT and data analysts to find the right information.

The Value is in the Data Connections

Finally, you’ve completed the task of finding the data, and you’re pretty sure it’s the right data (you certainly hope it is). So now what? Now you need to connect it together so it can be packaged up into a unified data model and sent to your analytics solution to be analyzed.

But all this data is different. Figuring out how once piece of data is related to another takes time, and many mistakes get made before you get it right. You know, though, that the true power of your data lies in the connections between datasets. Without the right data, connected properly, there’s no way to be sure you are making the right decisions. This is not a job for IT, your business and data analysts need tools that allow them to view the data and find the connections.

Making the Data Discovery Process Easier

You don’t have to suffer through this manual data discovery and unification process. Attivio can help. With Attivio's semantic data catalog, you can automatically profile all your data sources regardless of silo, easily search and find the right data for analysis, leverage visual modeling to find the connections between the data and then quickly provision the resulting data model for your analytics tool.

To learn just how, join us for a live 30-minute webcast on Wednesday, March 30 at 2:00 PM ET with myself and Jason Allen, Director of Business Development. We will talk about why data discovery is such a bottleneck, and show you, with a demo of Attivio's semantic data catalog, how you can break that bottleneck.

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