Cognitive Search: Raise Your Marketing IQ with Customer 360

In earlier blogs about the value of cognitive search for life sciences companies, we’ve focused on the role it can play in accelerating drug discovery and finding new therapeutic uses for drugs that have received FDA approval. The search technologies that help achieve those goals can also make life sciences sales and marketing smarter and more effective.

Cognitive Search for Life Sciences

Cognitive Search Powers Customer 360

A 360-degree view of the customer is something every company — life science or otherwise — aspires to yet few can achieve. The challenges to Customer 360 that life sciences companies face are similar in nature and scope to those of any large enterprise. 

Many of these companies broaden and refine their product and service offerings through acquisitions and divestitures. This inevitably leads to disparate IT systems that make it difficult to:

  • Identify and support customers that need products across product lines,
  • Keep track of multiple entities from a customer that has also grown by acquisition,
  • Consolidate sales opportunity and customer satisfaction reporting without hours of manual processing.

Customer 360 Without Complex, Expensive Data Migration 

Many Customer 360 initiatives don’t realize their potential because they rely on moving and normalizing data from many sources into a single repository. This adds considerable time and expense to the task of creating a usable system — and it’s a process that must be constantly repeated as new data and new data sources are added.

Using cognitive search to support Customer 360 ends the need to migrate data from many systems to a single repository that requires constant maintenance. Instead, it creates an integration layer that uses native connectors to every relevant data source.

For example, it could unite data from multiple CRM instances while leaving the data in place — while showing the entity relationships of prospects and customers. As the Customer 360 search application “learns” from user interaction, it delivers:

  • Global visibility into current and past sales opportunities across all company divisions,
  • The ability to connect search results to visual analytics applications for interactive reports and dashboards,
  • The freshest data direct from the original sources.

To learn more about cognitive search for life sciences, check out our 5-minute Guide. And see how Thermo Fisher uses cognitive search in its CRM Convergence solution.

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