Cadeon and Attivio: A Powerful Partnership

If Aesop is right and we are known by the company we keep, Attivio’s success is a direct result of our associations with our top-notch channel partners. One of our longstanding resellers is Cadeon, an IT services and solutions provider based in Alberta, Canada. We recently checked in with Cadeon CEO Phil Unger about his ongoing work with Attivio.

Attivio: Tell us about your experience as an Attivio reseller.

Phil Unger: We’ve partnered with Attivio for six years. That’s a long time in this business. Our first Attivio customer was an oil and gas company that needed to find a faster, more efficient way to feed its data and content into its analytics tools. The project was so successful that we’ve worked together on multiple projects since with good outcomes for this joint customer. 

Attivio: Can you tell us about a recent Attivio project?

Phil Unger:  We recently conducted a pilot project with ten different objectives. With Attivio, those objectives were completed on time and on budget which was no small feat. This was a complex project with ten pages of backlogs, new discoveries, and involved licenses in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.  The year-long project reduced the time for conducting a single task from eight hours to one hour and provided critical knowledge management. Prior to Attivio, information lived on individual hard drives and when people left, the information left with them.

The results were game changing for the company. The Attivio Platform allowed them to knit the data together in an automated fashion, which would have been impossible to do manually.

Working with Attivio, Cadeon was able to increase their information maturity which had a significant impact on their bottom line. During the course of an industry economic downturn, the company could literally keep the lights on.

Attivio: Can you tell us about an Attivio/Cadeon project with the oil and gas customer?

Phil Unger: Like many in the oil and gas industry, this client conducted analysis of its oil well production through a very manual process by using a small team dedicated to reviewing drilling reports. 

Unfortunately, this manual process was quite slow and produced very little insight into what caused fluctuations in well production. Additionally, they couldn’t track how competitors handled similar fluctuations. 

The company needed a new way to automate and expedite information gathering and operational analytics related to specific wells so they could generate insight to make critical drilling decisions. As part of that process, the company needed to leverage the industry’s complex well naming conventions in associating information to certain wells which allowed them to visualize the insight in a user-friendly way.

Attivio:  Why did you recommend Attivio as the right solution for this customer?

Phil Unger:  The Attivio Platform was actually the only solution that could solve these problems by:

  • Consolidating research information from multiple internal and external file locations
  • Leveraging the client’s taxonomy to identify features of particular wells
  • Integrating with TIBCO Spotfire to provide advanced information visualizations
  • Implementing a pilot of the solution in less than two months


Attivio:  Did it work? What was the outcome?

Phil Unger:  It worked wonderfully. With the Attivio Platform in place, the company has the insight to act with more confidence when making production decisions. They can also respond more quickly to events that impact well yields. These positive results allow the company to optimize overall operations, positioning them to generate more business and increase revenue. The client was so pleased with the Attivio Platform that they have plans in the works to launch another Attivio project that will aid their competitive intelligence efforts

Attivio: Do you enjoy partnering with Attivio? How does the partnership benefit Cadeon?

Phil Unger: There’s a lot to love about partnership with Attivio. We have relationships from the C-level down. I believe Cadeon is Attivio’s oldest partner. We’re constantly out there talking about the good things that Attivio does. If companies don’t adapt, they will disappear. He who has the best information wins in the world of hyper change. Companies have to leverage information and business decisions must be driven by data and insight. Attivio technology can help people measure and present those results.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.