Recently I was thinking about the data bottleneck between BI analysts and IT that can add months to analytics initiatives before they produce any meaningful insight. It’s not just that most enterprises are saddled with legacy infrastructure for handling data. Tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Spotfire have created an order of magnitude increase in the number of data consumers in business. There just aren’t enough bodies on the IT side with the technical skills to handle the demand for data the old-fashioned way using code or ETL and MDM tools.

Data, Data Everywhere

Of course, this situation will only get worse as more companies try to mine their data for competitive advantage. And, speaking of mining data, there’s so much to mine. In fact, Boris Evelson of Forrester posted in a blog that organizations use only 40 percent of their structured data and even less of their semi-structured and unstructured data. Those figures don’t include all the new sources of data, especially real-time streaming sources from the IoT.

The velocity of data is increasing; the variety of data types is increasing; and the number of data processing frameworks is increasing. Spark, Cloudera, Hive on Tez—it’s never ending.

The Data Manager’s Wish List 

In terms of delivering the best data to BI teams, you can sum up a data manager’s wish list pretty simply: self-service access, with full governance. Without that, the process can get gridlocked in a seemlingly endless back-and-forth between business analysts and data managers. It’s anything but agile. Of course, delivering that is not so simple.

Empowering Business Users through Data Democratization

Attivio Webinar: Empowering Business Users through Data Democratization

So this live webinar is really about checking all the boxes on the data manager’s wish list. Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson and Attivio's Chief Product Officer Greg Goldsmith will really dig into this topic. Register now for this webinar on Wednesday, November 18, at 2pm ET.

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