Be More Productive With Attivio: Version 5.6.1

We recently released an update to our Platform, 5.6.1. This latest update is aimed at improving admin productivity and further simplifying the user experience with Attivio. Among the important new features in this release are:

  • An updated Connector Admin
  • Connector SDK
  • Multi-level facets
  • A number of new performance improvements.

We’re excited for you to get your hands on this latest update! All existing users can download 5.6.1. from

Connector Admin

The key to any good search experience lies in connecting to all available data sources, unifying the data contained within, and making it all searchable. To simplify this process, we built a new wizard-based connectors admin. With this new admin interface, it is easier for our customers to add new sources themselves and make updates to their existing search experience.

We’ve also introduced automatic field mapping. Automatic field mapping allows admins to connect to new data sources in a matter of seconds.

Attivio Version 5.6.1 Wizard

We’re providing better data insights in order to provide an immediate visual representation of your existing data and to showcase our natural language processing capabilities in action. For example, when a new source is added it will be easy to see the impact it has on the overall index.

Attivio Version 5.6.1 Visual

New validation and preview capabilities mean admins can preview and validate data on the fly – no documentation needed. This results in a simplified, more efficient experience for admins.

Attivio Version 5.6.1 Validate


 Connector SDK

We now offer a full SDK for building custom connectors. Partners and customers can now easily build new connectors to any data source. This is the SDK we use to build our own suite of connectors.

Attivio Version 5.6.1 Full SDK

Any connector built with the Connector SDK will be accessible from the Connector Admin page.


 Multi-Level Facets

5.6.1 supports a hierarchy of facets and allows users to filter results based on multiple facet values. Users can now go deeper within a search query. For example, additional filters like country and city can be applied at the same time.

Attivio Version 5.6.1 Multi level facets


Additional performance boosts

With agile development we’re constantly improving speed, stability, and user friendliness. You’ll see some of these small changes in this release as well as:

  • Upgrade to Java 11
  • Optimized Cluster Memory in 5.6
  • Friendlier startup process and a configuration validator

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Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.