Attivio Product News: Version 5.5.1 Offering Better Text Extraction


We're excited to share the latest updates and enhancements to the Attivio platform with you today. Version 5.5.1 incorporates updates to existing features (like text extraction) and capabilities in the interest of ongoing improvements. There's a little something for everyone in this release! 

SDK Improvements

First, we've updated our SDK to incorporate improvements around testing new modules. You can now run unit tests without requiring an Attivio install to be in place - you can fully test your code before deploying it to the platform.    

Platform Security 

Security is always top of mind for Attivio customers and for our team, and we continuously incorporate updates and improvements to the platform in our releases. For this release, the following libraries have been upgraded to the latest version: Xstream, Jackson Databind, and Java. Furthermore, we migrated to a SHA-2 encryption algorithm to ensure your configuration is protected with the strongest, most current algorithm.  

Text Extraction

This update includes more stable text extraction capabilities for increased format coverage, additional enhancements, and bugs fixes. Text extraction enables the Attivio platform to extract text from more than 600 formats. 

Access to Latest Modules

Finally, we've made the latest modules part of the install. This includes the WebCrawler module, which enables you to ingest web pages, as well as newly released Search Analytics and Search UI Toolkit. As we've written about previously, Search Analytics gives you insight into the performance of your search platform in real time. And SUIT, Attivio's Search UI Toolkit, is a framework for quickly building search applications from the simplest to the most complex. It's an open source application that can be downloaded from GitHub, and enhanced by the community. It not only works with the Attivio platform, but also with Elasticsearch and Solr. 

Contact us with any questions on this release or to learn more about the Attivio platform overall. 

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