Attivio Completes Certification On Cloudera Enterprise

Hadoop is fast becoming the center piece of a modern data architecture. And Cloudera Enterprise provides the centralized management and robust support that you need to effectively operate Hadoop.

The modern data architecture stores data as is; it doesn't require pre-modeling. It needs to accommodate volume, velocity, and variety including structured and unstructured information. Hadoop does this very well.

Many of our customers use Hadoop. And Attivio's full-platform certification on Cloudera Enterprise will help them streamline their modern data architecture by offering agile data access wherever data resides.

Bridging Modern and Legacy Data Sources

As enterprises adopt Hadoop, they also need to connect it to legacy data sources like the enterprise data warehouse. Attivio helps Cloudera Enterprise customers understand their complete data landscape—modern and legacy—through a semantic data catalog that indexes all of an organization's data. This catalog enables Hadoop to form the core of a flexible modern data architecture while supporting self-service information access across the enterprise.

Adding Meaning to Data—Semantic Enrichment

Attivio's data catalog adds a layer of intelligence to the information we index, which enables us to assign business language to data and information. We organize and contextualize big, messy, disparate information stores so it’s easily searchable. We call this semantic enrichment.

Semantic enrichment gives Attivio the ability to understand and analyze text-based information at scale and to correlate that unstructured content with structured data sources, which is a major component of Attivio’s anti-money laundering and eCommunications Surveillance solutions.

To learn more about our certification with Cloudera Enterprise, read our recent press announcement or meet us at our booth at Strata+Hadoop World.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.