3 Questions for Mike Moreno of Cloudera

Mike Moreno is the Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Cloudera, and he’s one of the featured speakers in our upcoming 1/31 webinar with Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Brian Hopkins.

We recently had a chance to catch up with him and get his take on the latest trends & happenings in Big Data & Hadoop.

Attivio: What challenges are you seeing among Cloudera clients?

Hadoop and big data projects in general usually encompass the management and analysis of many different forms of data. Sometimes the data sources can be quite diverse and there are many different types of implementations depending on what an organization is trying to achieve.

That said, we find just getting started with some of these solutions to be the biggest challenge with customers. This is why we are focusing extensively on three main business value drivers – driving customer insights, reducing business risk (with cyber security), product efficiency (with IoT). By focusing on these three main value drivers we have created a number of specific end customer use cases that demonstrate the value of having a data-driven business.

Attivio: How does Cloudera Navigator help customers get value from their Big Data stacks? How does it work with other technologies in the Big Data stack?

Cloudera Navigator is a data management tool that allows Cloudera Enterprise customers to have full visibility and governance of their data in HDFS. With Cloudera Navigator, data administrators have audit access and can verify access privileges to all their data in the Hadoop cluster. In addition to auditing capabilities, organizations can search metadata and view data lineage which is a powerful tool for data discovery in Hadoop.

Since Cloudera Enterprise has so many components, it is important that Cloudera Navigator works with all the different attributes of our data management platform. This means users can see lineage as it relates to Impala (Incubating), HBase, HDFS, and other data stores.  On top of visibility into these different data stores, the tool also has the ability to encrypt data, which can be extremely important for sensitive information.

Attivio: Can you give an example of a customer success story?

Our customer success story with Visa is quite interesting because of the size of the project. Essentially, before implementing Cloudera Enterprise, their statisticians could only analyze one year’s worth of data. Meanwhile, their security organization wanted faster query response time with less constraints on data accessibility.

After implementing Cloudera Enterprise, they were able to ingest 2TB every day and statisticians were able to go far beyond the limit of one year’s amount of data. The security organization was also able to implement Impala, which sped up query times substantially.

In conclusion, they were able to do all of this and with the help of Cloudera Enterprise which has the Cloudera Navigator tool included.  This allowed them to stay PCI compliant and leverage our data encryption technology on financial records.   

To hear more from Mike, join us on Tuesday, January 31, at 2pm ET for a live webinar: How Hadoop Drives Agility across the Data Stack

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