3 Questions for Matt Maccaux of Dell EMC

Matt Maccaux leads Dell EMC’s global Big Data Practice and he’s one of the featured speakers in our upcoming 2/22 webinar, Building a Modern Data Architecture.

We recently caught up with Matt and asked him 3 questions about his work in Big Data Services.

Matt Maccaux, Global Big Data Practice Lead at Dell EMC

Attivio: You work with customers on their Big Data environments. What are the biggest challenges they face?

The biggest challenges facing customers with Big Data is providing value back to the business. Many organizations struggle with this because of inelastic architectures, which causes slow response times when provisioning new environments for users to perform their work.


Attivio: How do you help them address those challenges?

We help customers address those challenges by re-architecting their environments using virtualization and other technologies to provide the quick and easy provisioning for new environments. This gives them the agility they need to support the data needs of different types of users.

We think of the types of data consumers on a spectrum, and we design the system with this in mind. Data Scientists – at one end of the spectrum – are power users of the system. They need to fully explore the data, potentially ingest new data, and write scripts and queries directly from the command line. On the other end we have Business Analytics or BI users that tend to do less exploring and more direct querying using SQL or SQL-based tools.

With the right level of self-service, all of the data consumers are more productive.


Attivio: How does a data catalog bring value to the Big Data stack?

A data catalog streamlines this process by giving all types of users the ability to explore the data sets available to them and choose the data that they want to work with. From there, IT can provision environments based on what is selected from the catalog. This way, users get exactly the data they need and they get it quickly so they can get to work!


To hear more from Matt, join us on Wednesday, February 22 at 2pm ET for a live webinar: Building a Modern Data Architecture.

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