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Completing the Chatbot Puzzle

Completing the Chatbot Puzzle

Increasingly new prospects and customers alike are asking if Attivio is able to improve the performance of their chatbots – similar to the manner in which Attivio helps their live agents and self-support portals – by empowering them with better answers and insights to questions. While the short answer is yes, to better frame the shortfalls of modern chatbots and explain how specifically Attivio helps, we put together an ebook titled, Completing the Chatbot Puzzle: AI-Powered Answers.

The following is an excerpt from this ebook. To keep reading, download a free copy.

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Reduce the Swivel

As HBR says, “the biggest problem with analyzing data is often accessing it.” Furthering this point, Forrester found “59% of workers struggle to find the sources of information they need.” Obviously, this fight with data isn’t good for anyone – but especially not for your customer support and IT teams.

To illustrate this all too common problem we created a video “Reduce the Swivel with Elevate”. Click here to watch the video.

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A Practical Guide To Machine Learning

We recently teamed with TSIA for a recorded Q&A about machine learning and AI as it relates to its use in support organizations and their particular needs.

The idea for this webcast came from our time at a recent TSW show. We spent a lot of time at the conference talking to people about these technologies. While people were genuinely interested in the capabilities and the far-reaching potential of AI and machine learning, ultimately what people really wanted to know was how AI and machine learning might impact them, their day-to-day, and their team.

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How Attivio Uses Customer Support Data to Make Customers Happy

Customer Experience everywhere

In an omni-channel, fully digitized world, customers have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing goods and services. For businesses, that presents the obvious challenge of determining how to stand out to potential customers. It’s far easier and more cost-effective to retain a customer than it is to obtain a new one, however, what new and recurring customers have in common is their desire for a simple and seamless customer support expereince.

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Test Our ROI Calculator for Call Deflection and Agent Assist

A former boss of mine used to say there were only three reasons customers buy enterprise software – they do it to [a] make money [b] save money [c] stay out of jail. The tenets of value, if you will. At Attivio, value is our focal point – all day, every day. Today, I’m going to focus on how Attivio helps make and save money for our support customers, first from 30,000 feet, and then through a specific example with a recent prospect.

Making money with enterprise software is done in a number of ways. The most obvious is to buy the software, build it into your product, and charge more. Another is software that optimizes your website and drives users to pages you can monetize. AI and machine learning can recommend upgrades or help users find what they are looking for. Happy, satisfied customers will upgrade, renew, and advocate for your business. Win, win, win.

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3 Reasons Call Deflection Is Crucial for Your Customer Support Efforts

For some retailers, the holiday season can represent as much as 30 percent of their yearly sales. One of the best ways businesses can capitalize on this connection with customers is in your organization’s customer support operation. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does, [and] acting deliberately on this insight can help improve customer service, reduce customer service costs, and decrease customer churn.”

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Why Knowledge Management is Crucial for Excellent Customer Support

The bane of any customer support experience is the absence of knowledge. Whether the inquiring customer doesn’t quite know how to phrase their question or the customer support agent doesn’t immediately know the answer (or isn’t aware the customer inquiry has already been answered) not knowing costs an organization time and money. Forrester has found that, in support scenarios, customers most value companies that respect their time, and companies that can’t offer excellent customer support stand to lose business.

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[Case study] Telcos Transform Support Outcomes with Intelligent Search

According to a survey by Pew Research, 68% of US adults own a smartphone. That’s about 160 million people. And chances are that at some point during their ownership, people will need support from their service provider.

Knowing the importance that good and efficient customer support plays in both keeping existing customers and winning new subscribers, plus the challenge of skillfully handling large volume of support requests, two telecommunication leaders decided to migrate their search platforms from Google Search Appliance (GSA) to Attivio.

In less than a year post-implementation, both organizations are seeing significant business results, including:

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Elevate Achieves Bronze Certification; Reflections from Now Summit

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4 Digital Tools Modern Support Organizations Need

The world is flat. Not literally, of course, but in terms of how teams communicate with one another, stay on task, and reach shared goals. Today’s digital workplace connects people so seamlessly that previously enormous obstacles like physical distance and time zones are practically inconsequential. Innovations in technology have advanced all aspects of an organization but these changes’ immediate benefit is perhaps no more pronounced than in the customer support field.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019
Attivio was recognized for our completeness in vision and ability to execute.