May 23, 2018

    In Customer Support, Every Minute Matters

    This article first appeared on KMWorld (gated).  Recently, we spoke with a head of customer service at a US-based manufacturing company. He relayed how he periodically reviews recordings of support calls, to understand where coaching is needed or improvements can be made in the process. He shared how incredibly frustrated he was that in most cases,..
    May 15, 2018

    Beyond the Chatbot: How AI Can Turn On Your Customer Support

    With customer support & service at the forefront of the brand battle, it's no wonder that companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), such as a chatbot, for help. The customer churn caused by poor customer service is $62 billion problem, so finding ways to speed response time is no small matter. On CMS Wire, David Roe took a look at "10 W..
    May 8, 2018

    [Infographic] Millennials Expect More from Customer Support

    By 2020 Millennials are projected to comprise more than half of the modern workforce. And with a greater presence will come greater influence, including pushing for greater diversity and inclusion, choosing work with a purpose, and demanding more flexibility in where and when they work. As consumers, Millennials will also be a catalyst for changes in ho..
    May 1, 2018

    The AI that Isn't Taking Your Job

    One of the biggest fears with the coming world of artificial intelligence and automation is the loss of jobs. It's a logical fear, as automation often brings with it visions of humans becoming part of the machine itself, or worse: those machines taking over for humans. But over history such fears have proven unfounded. Each technological advancement acc..
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