July 21, 2017

    Q and A with Michael Cizmar, Managing Director of MC+A

    At Attivio, we align with channel partners who have deep industry expertise, and we think of our partners as an extension of our team. We are pleased to welcome a new partner to our circle of influence: MC+A. We had a chance to catch up with Michael Cizmar, Managing Director, of MC+A, and ask him a few questions.  JZ: Tell me about MC+A.M..
    July 18, 2017

    Replacing Your Legacy Enterprise Search? Read This First.

    Google has announced that it’s sunsetting the Google Search Appliance. Are you using it? Microsoft is sunsetting FAST. Are you using it?Here’s the thing. The search market is changing, and the vendors know it. That’s why you are seeing major changes in the traditional search market. More importantly, though, you are noticing that traditional search sim..
    July 13, 2017

    Knowledge Workers Have Changed, Has Your Knowledge Management Toolset?

    “Knowledge workers are workers whose main capital is knowledge.” (Wikipedia)It seems like a simple definition of a knowledge worker, someone who works with information (knowledge) as a primary part of their job. But what many are only starting to realize is that there are far more “knowledge workers” in their companies than they ever realized.Almost ..
    July 11, 2017

    Machine Learning: Netflix Knows What You Want

    In our 5-Minute Guide to Machine Learning, we note that machine learning is everywhere. We offer several examples including Google and Facebook. And another very compelling example is Netflix. Every movie recommended to you on the Netflix streaming service comes from an algorithm tuned via machine learning.What 800 Engineers Can DoBack in 2013, Wired magazin..
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