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Data Stories Add Context to the Numbers

A splash of data used to be all you needed to get attention. Today, data-smart audiences want much more: detail, what-if scenarios, and deep, multi-sourced data for any questions they may have. They also want to see your work, from initial questions to final insights. 

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Data Agility in Your Tech Stack Starts with a Semantic Catalog

Smart organizations know the data they collect provides a wealth of insights that can help them meet the needs of their customers and drive competitive differentiation. But data today is a beast, coming from ever increasing sources and in a wide variety of formats.

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CDOs Clear Path to Big Data Competency

As the Big Data and analytics parade marches on, I often find that the people we're talking to in large enterprises carry the title chief data officer or CDO. Industry analysts back this up. A 2015 report by PwC found there were 100 CDOs in large enterprises in 2013, more than double the number in 2012. Gartner's most recent tally pegs the number at 950.

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Raise Your Data Discovery IQ

Business analysts and line-of-business (LOB) data users have plenty of robust, self-service BI tools at their disposal. What they often lack is a way to get all the most relevant data into those tools. In a TDWI Checklist Report, Dave Stodder, Director of TDWI Research for Business Intelligence, lists seven best practices for executing a successful data science strategy. Number five: Give Data Science Teams Access to All the Data.

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