December 22, 2015

    The Holiday List

    What to Get for A Person Who Calculates EverythingTalking with colleagues and friends in business lately, I’ve taken a new tack.  After all, it’s the season that celebrates gifts - large and small.  After greetings, I’m asking, “What’s on your list this year?”  I get all sorts of answers - from the sublime (typically, peace) to the..
    December 17, 2015

    5 Predictions for BI and Big Data

    As Nate Silver points out often—and humorously—in his book The Signal and the Noise, the world is full of noisy data. Inside the untapped potential of Big Data and Business Intelligence is the signal. When the power of data is fully harnessed, it enables executives to transform productivity and act with certainty. My predictions for 2016 are about the tr..
    December 10, 2015

    Enhanced Views Are A Winning Play

    Competing on Innovation and Insight“The only thing better than certain insight is certain insight you don’t have to work hard to find.”Our view of any business situation is enhanced when every relevant insight is available for consideration.  In the early days of search, our queries determined precisely what we found.  We were limited by the ..
    December 8, 2015

    Why Should BI Tech Owners Empower Business Users?

    The short answer: “To get them out of their hair.” But seriously…At Attivio, we work with decision-makers at various companies who own and administer the BI infrastructure. We call them “BI tech owners.” A BI tech owner’s team governs data and delivers it to business users for analysis.BI tech owners are not in an enviable position at the moment...
    December 3, 2015


    Data Virtualization Unleashes Application AgilityThe single, most-important determinant of the lifetime value of a modern, enterprise-wide application is its dexterity in adding or changing the data sources that drive the application. ‘Rock stars’ deliver solutions that provide value and benefits for years, adapting to new or evolving data sources quickl..
    December 1, 2015

    Get More Value out of Your Existing BI Tools

    Before joining Attivio, I worked for several years at Tibco Spotfire. It was a great experience. I was on the front lines as the worlds of Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) collided.Traditionally, companies relied on canned BI reports to help them understand historical data. Such reporting solutions have been around for decades. It was, therefore, very..
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