Key Differentiators

Big Data Search and Discovery

Provides immediate visibility into the right information.

  • Automated ingestion of structured & unstructured information
  • Catalog with virtualized access to all data
  • Natural language search with recommendations, facets, tags

Semantic Enrichment

Automatically discovers the meaning and relationships in your information ecosystem.

  • Classification and machine learning
  • Advanced text analytics: entity extraction, sentiment analysis
  • Collaborative governance

Data Unification

Unifies disparate information across silos in real time to deliver unique insights.

  • Agile repository of disparate information sources and their relationships
  • Query-time correlation
  • Context-aware analytics 

Agile Enterprise Platform

Secure, scalable foundation for delivering data-driven applications.

  • Secure & seamless integration into existing systems
  • A single infrastructure for reuse of data
  • Open, robust, standards-based APIs and SDKs
  • Centralized command, control, configure


The Attivio Platform

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How Attivio Helps You




In the Age of the Customer, you need complete information visibility and the agility to deploy to across the enterprise. Attivio is  designed for Big Data, and the deeper context of modern, unstructured information.  Attivio lets you:

  • Act with greater certainty; confidently seizing opportunity and mitigating risk, combining the right information, in context
  • Achieve global impact, deploying solutions across the enterprise and around the world
  • Transform productivity by unifying and enriching information in a rich semantic data catalog, with a variety of access possibilities
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You are responsible for leveraging your organization’s data assets strategically and ensuring that your organization can compete on analytics. How do you cope with a complex data environment?

  • Democratize your data to build a culture of data-driven decision making
  • Unify all enterprise data, across silos, to streamline the data supply chain
  • Accelerate data discovery to speed time to business insights
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Search Champion


Search Champion

Attivio delivers results to your favorite BI and analytic tools, or powers uncompromised search-based applications. Strengthen your business and:

  • Act with greater certainty; confidently seizing opportunity and mitigating risk, delivering the right information
  • Achieve global impact, deploying solutions that serve the enterprise, around the world
  • Transform productivity by unifying and enriching structured and unstructured information sources
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Search Architect


Search Architect

Attivio unifies structured and unstructured information in a rich semantic catalog, designed to drive BI/analytic, inquiry, or hybrid applications.

  • Expand and accelerate visibility into all information – get a 360-degree view of any problem
  • Enrich all information to expose richer context and create a more catalog capable of producing better insights
  • Develope applications with greater agility, stronger security, and superior performance
  • Leverage a platform with a track record of rapid deployment
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Fostering Customer Retention Calls for a FullL 360-Degree Perspective

McKinsey studied financial institutions that converted to real-time, individual customer profiles. They found that this personalization often led to double-digit gains in new-offer acceptances, compared to untargeted, ‘average customer’ offers. As a result, companies that restructured around this strategy typically cut costs by up to 25% and boosted revenue generation by as much as 35%.

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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Migration: Cisco Systems

Not ready to follow Google Search Appliance to the cloud? Cisco Systems, global leader in IT products, replaced its global GSA cluster with Attivio in just four months – and transformed their search platform into a platform for innovation and insight.

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