• Pharma Market Intelligence: Finding the next blockbuster drub buried in your data

    Pharmaceutical professionals are drowning in an overwhelming amount of information - struggling to navigate through medical records, market trends and patient needs. In this article, we'll walk through steps these companies can take to optimize their data.

  • Tracking regulations, Dodd-Frank to MiFID

    The regulatory solution, called Regulatory Active Management System (RAMS), uses the AIE to index all regulations as well as all points within the firm that should receive regulations, whether they be compliance staff or personnel in operational risk, market risk, IT or elsewhere.

  • Attivio Applies Predictive Analytics to Indexed Data

    Attivio has put all the components needed to turn data into a business asset under a common Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) that indexes data so that IT organizations can dynamically access streams of diverse data types regardless of where they are stored or the format they are in.

  • Will Technology’s Sexiest Job Go the Way of the Detroit Autoworker?

    The Big Data boom arrived with a huge bandwagon and lots of seats, especially for those with data skills. Beginning with the launch of Data Scientist Journal in 2002 and Journal of Data Science in 2003, “Data Scientist” began a steady climb up the title food chain, reaching its apex in 2012 with Harvard Business Review crowning it “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”

  • How Social Platforms Help Companies Streamline Business

    The international UBS Investment Bank created its Neo platform based on technology from Attivio to deliver the precise combination of resources its traders needed. 

  • Big Content: The Unsung Hero of BI and Big Data

    When companies start to compare the business value of also investing in big content versus just big data, they start to realize that big content is, in many cases, the most important aspect from a value standpoint – an “unsung hero,” if you will.

  • A Search Engine That 'Makes' Data-Driven Business Decisions

    Taking voluminous amounts of data and turning it into actionable information has become the holy grail for many companies today. And that makes people like Sid Probstein, chief technology officer at enterprise search company Attivio Inc., a modern-day hero of sorts -- or at least a change agent.

  • How Companies Can Use Big Data to Make Better Decisions

    Call "big data" what you will: all hype, scary or, perhaps, not-so-great. The reality, however, is that the buzzed-about behemoth has swiftly earned a lasting place in our lexicon, because its potential is real and impact undeniable. 

  • Obamacare fiasco: Was building really that hard?

    The big challenge for is pulling in all of those sources of data for hundreds of millions of people and layering it in a way that is flexible and manageable, says Sid Probstein, chief technology officer at Attivio, a software company in Newton, Mass., that specializes in "big data" management. “A project of this scale with huge data silos using legacy technology, will undoubtedly come with issues,” he adds in an e-mail.

  • Insight Into the World of Human-Created Information

    The key speakers are being interviewed by theCUBE co-hosts Dave Vellante, Wikibon Senior Analyst, and Jeff Kelly, Principal Research Contributor at Wikibon. They caught up with Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP of Technology with Attivio, a company that works a lot of mixed content, bringing together transactional data and other types of unstructured data into a unified view.

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