A Letter from Attivio's CEO

Attivio's Mission: Breakdown Information Silos to Produce Unprecedented Value from Information

Attivio CEO Letter from Ali Riaz I spent the first ten years of my career hoping that business intelligence, client relationship management and enterprise resource planning applications would help my colleagues and I run our businesses with precisely tailored and timely decisions. In reality, though, all we really got were graphs and tables, so we still had to call around just as in the old days in order to fully understand the causes driving variations — whether for the good or bad. This is because structured data can only tell you WHAT is happening in your organization.

I spent the next ten years playing in the wild, wild west of unstructured data, analyzing the information in content management systems, support logs, document management systems, emails, documents and the Web. Frankly, this included any information that hadn't previously been managed like the family jewels. While this was a lot of fun and was a great step forward, we still could not figure out what a 10% growth in support calls, a 15% decline in positive comments in social media or other such findings actually meant in terms of transactional value, because unstructured content on its own, represents only another piece of the overall picture.

In the quest to make the best possible decisions, analyzing structured data and unstructured content independently just leaves us with more questions and more work.

This is the reason we founded Attivio — to create an information platform that correlates every available piece of structured data and unstructured content, which enables our customers to seize opportunities, solve business challenges and fulfill their vision.

Please read on if you wish to learn more about how Attivio has redefined the business impact that information delivers for our customers by framing a new approach to critical issues and strategic initiatives with a real time unified information access platform that is easy to use, affordable and rapidly quantifiable.

Ali Riaz, CEO, Attivio

Unified Information Access

Attivio believes that if every query, every dashboard and every report has the benefit of correlating all data and all content, we can provide insight that tells you the real story, enables you to mobilize the right resources and make the best decisions. We believe that bringing together these different views forces us to see reality for what it is...as reality is very often a multi-faceted proposition.

By bringing together information that has previously resided in disparate silos, we take the first step towards making information work for us. The second step is to ensure that each piece of information speaks with the others in ways that make it possible to connect the dots. The third step is timely delivery — information when you want to see it; when it needs to be pushed into an existing or new business application or when it needs to populate a report just prior to an important meeting.

Enterprise search offered several uses such as employee facing applications, client support systems and web search. The common denominator here is discovery — understanding patterns and trends found in unstructured content, and exploring their meaning with concepts like sentiment analysis.

Business intelligence is so many things, but the common denominator is precision — finding the exact answer from structured data sources. Attivio combines the power of these two worlds to offer our customers the advantages of unified information access (UIA). Let's say, for example, that you want to create a list of all unpaid invoices; Attivio is about finding which invoices have not been paid, and then providing further intelligence by identifying payers as happy or unhappy, or as high-value versus low value accounts — giving you the intelligence you need to take the appropriate action versus a one-size fits all approach.

Insight That Matters

The benefits of UIA can be realized anywhere information is consumed — within a specific team in a company, a client facing website, a partner support application or any application where someone is looking for knowledge and information...for insight. Our clients achieve the greatest ROI when they have multiple applications running on AIE, such as a global bank that currently runs eight applications on AIE, including an iPad app, with plans to grow that to 15 within the next few months. The drivers for this broad adoption are synergy on technology know-how, ease of use, flexibility yet control and the ability to cross-leverage information throughout the organization.

Attivio's mission is simply to provide a technology platform that is built from the ground up to aggregate and distribute data and content in such a way that it provides insight that matters. With this insight, we believe people can make advanced decisions and accelerate their efforts in managing challenges and opportunities. We converge applications without the need to rip and replace existing technologies, we prepare information so that innate relationships (correlations) are established and we deliver it where and when you want to consume it.

Many attempts have been made to address these problems with far too much manual effort, using a patchwork of cumbersome technologies that make it impossible to deliver information in a timely fashion. Information is like news. How many people read last week's newspaper? Why then do we read last month's performance? Why don't we watch it while it is happening or even before it happens using predictive analytics? Enterprises, governments and non-profits are all seeking the same thing.

Outsmart Impossible

Some of the problems we have helped our customers solve had been previously thought to be impossible or far too complex and expensive to address with existing technologies. In these cases we asked our clients to revisit their objective with a fresh perspective. Until there were airplanes, traveling from Los Angeles to Boston was daunting and time consuming. Today's annoyances with service and security procedures aside, the important point is that we THINK about the task of bi-coastal travel very differently once we insert the existence of the airplane into the equation. Similarly, we reframe complex challenges in the context of the advances we have made in unified information access, through our Active Intelligence Engine (AIE).

Attivio's focus from day one has been to bring information together in a meaningful manner. The meaning comes from looking at all information that was correlated at ingestion and joined when queried. Today we have a number of clients who will tell you how we have enabled them to do things they didn't think were possible or that we got to the finish line in a fraction of the time expected. In summary, we create a discussion and environment where we work together to rethink your challenge and then reframe the approach to resolving it.

It's sometimes challenging at first to describe what we do, because people tend to box things into an existing frame of reference. Many of our clients encourage us to continue to drive the distinction between UIA versus BI and enterprise search, because once they engage with Attivio they experience first-hand what a major difference there is. Simply put, AIE collects knowledge that tells you what's going on and assists you in deciding what you should do about it.

Respect is important to the Attivio team. Our clients and partners experience us as a team of good listeners who do not trivialize their challenges or ignore their opportunities. We believe in a "show-me" and not "tell-me" model. Hence, we invest the time and effort to fully understand the mission, create a shared understanding of what needs to be demonstrated, and then mobilize the right people internally to create and communicate the AIE approach. We have developed an engagement process that is not scary or one-sided. We transform our confidence in our offering and our team's deep experience into transparent, focused and productive relationships with our clients and partners.

So, this is WHY we do WHAT we do and HOW we actually do it.

Why — provide insight that matters where and when you need it.
What — a unified information access platform that provides faster time to value.
How — a carefully designed engagement model consisting of listening, transparency, "show-me" and respect all around.