Return on Information Assets

What does Attivio do?

We are the "Return on Information Assets" (ROIA) company.

Sounds interesting, but what exactly does that mean?

We make our customers’ information accessible, meaningful and actionable in ways that used to be impossible, so you get far more value from it. 

Tell me more. 

We seamlessly connect all your information and deliver it in a single view, revealing the hidden relationships, insights, and intelligence that allow you to take action with confidence.

What kind of information?

All of it, structured and unstructured, internal and external – databases, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, SharePoint, emails, blogs, social media, news and more.

OK, so how do you do that?

Attivio's award-winning Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is the leading unified information access platform. It rapidly delivers comprehensive, high-value insight the way you want it, when you want it. AIE is enterprise-class software that supports SQL and simple search-style queries to retrieve information via reports, dashboards and custom interfaces.

Most importantly, what kind of results can I expect?

  • A global investment firm freed up $100M in cash reserves and reduced regulatory fines
  • A leading semiconductor company increased partner revenues by 54%
  • A global investment firm reduced the time it takes their institutional investment customers to complete a transaction by 66%
  • A mutual fund leader reduced its IT incident resolution time from 27 minutes to 3
  • Another global investment leader runs 15 applications on AIE, ranging from e-mail surveillance to an iPad research portal for institutional investors
  • One of the world's largest manufacturers completed an agile BI pilot project in just 5 weeks vs. the company's prior estimate of 18 months
  • A popular sports news site improved the personalization of its site, growing its monthly page views from 60M to 80M - and steadily moving toward 100M

What’s the bottom line?

Attivio will change what you think is possible to achieve with a software company.  Our patented technology delivers value in days or weeks, not months or years.  Our team obsesses over your success, and our pricing is straightforward and fair.  Let’s talk!

Attivio Awards and Achievements

Pink Elephant Innovation of the Year


"We had an impressive list of submissions and finalists for the 2013 Innovation of the Year Award,” commented George Spalding, Executive VP at Pink Elephant. “Attivio’s Service Knowledge Expert stood out for its ability to build a schema-less universal index of every information source, without the costly and rigid data modeling of a traditional data warehouse. We were greatly impressed with the results customers are achieving."

Attivio Named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant


"Visionaries address the keen desire of enterprises to pursue consumer-class search experiences with fresh capabilities and flexibility. They understand that chasing the "Google experience" is not sufficient, but that providing search features that allow for better collaboration, application development, and innovative means of finding and working with content is particularly valuable."

KMWorld "100 Companies That Matter Most in Knowledge Management"


Attivio has redefined the UIA market with its patented query-time JOIN capability that allows customers to develop new analysis methods that span information silos, and gain insight that would be missed by legacy systems.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Technology for Fourth Consecutive Year 2012 Despite BI's advances, companies continue to struggle with responding quickly to an evolving information landscape. Our judging panel evaluated more than 700 products this year, and once again Attivio's AIE topped the list given its ability to help organizations solve big data challenges through meaningful insight and action.

KMWorld "100 Companies That Matter Most in Knowledge Management"


Attivio has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to its customers by unifying a company's collective intelligence in order to maximize the value and return on their corporate information assets. Attivio's patented approach to reconciling and extracting usable meaning from unstructured content and structured data, it's unique SQL support and integration with leading BI tools through ODBC and JDBC connectivity reinforce its position as a leading innovator in information management.

KMWorld "Trend Setting" Products 2011 Attivio stands out from the field for its ability to make sense out of structured and unstructured data and deliver tangible, real-time business advantage. By combining intuitive and familiar search inquiry with the precision of SQL logic, Attivio users gain insight, powerful analytics and ease of use at a lower cost.
KMWorld Hall of Fame 2011 We felt that the companies in the knowledge management arena (a very large "arena" indeed) that are developing new and game-changing solutions should be recognized and honored.
Information Management's 40 Companies to Watch in 2011 2011 Information access evolves with a universal index to provide access to unified, integrated content and information regardless of native format; "Active Dashboard" for real-time, role-based updates and analytics for text, email, SharePoint, etc. as well as databases; can also be embedded in products or applications
10 IT Companies to Watch in 2011 by the Bloor Group 2011 According to the analyst group, "Attivio caught our eye because it has an elegant and intelligent capability in the area of unified information access. For many companies, important data lives in a variety of data stores: databases, text databases, content management systems and document management systems, as well as files scattered everywhere. A unified ability to access all that data via a single software product is clearly attractive and that's what Attivio seeks to provide with its Active Intelligence Engine. There are very few other products that provide this kind of capability."
Red Herring Global 100 2010 Winners selected for this honor were evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria such as financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management, execution of strategy and integration. The Red Herring Global 100 judges looked closely at the company's global strategy to evaluate how it will be able to handle the challenges of internationalization and provide a global presence for its customers and partners.
KMWorld's 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2009, 2010 "Knowledge management is a critical part of every enterprise's technology infrastructure. Harnessing all of the information available, whether in databases, spreadsheets, documents, emails, or blogs, presents an opportunity for significant competitive advantage and fully informed decisions," said Hugh McKellar, editor-in-chief, KMWorld. "Attivio's ability to capture structured and unstructured data, analyze it and transform it into an easily consumable and meaningful format exemplifies the agility and innovation we require for inclusion in this elite list. We congratulate the company on its achievements and look forward to its bright future."
Innovative Information Access Companies To Watch Under $100M by IDC 2010 Attivio's AIE was highlighted for its ability to retrieve and analyze all types of content and data, with search-style queries.  According to the study, "Reports and dashboards are configured to present a single, interactive view across the data sources, without having to exit to other applications. Clustering, faceted navigation, alerts, and flexible access rights models make it possible to build search-based applications that address a variety of needs, from information access to business intelligence."
Red Herring North America 100 2009 "Attivio was selected by the Red Herring editorial team for its innovative Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE), the first Unified Information Access platform to provide a complete view of the relevant information landscape, using information-driven workflow and real-time updates to deliver insight on all types of content, when and where it is needed. With AIE, applications and solutions provide users with precise, structured analytics and conceptual, linguistic exploration in any context, independent of the structure of the underlying data."
Cool Vendors in BI and Performance Management by Gartner 2009 "Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE) is the first Unified Information Access platform to provide a complete view of the relevant information landscape, using information-driven workflow and real-time updates to deliver insight on all types of content, when and where it is needed. With AIE, solutions can provide users with precise, structured analytics and conceptual, linguistic exploration in any context, independent of the structure of the underlying content."

Gartner, Inc. "Cool Vendors in BI and Performance Management, 2009" by Bill Gassman, Gareth Herschel, Rita L. Sallam, James Richardson, Andreas Bitterer - March 9, 2009

EContent 100 2009 "The digital content industry covers a lot of territory-one whose borders shift almost daily. Through our annual 100 list, we name the companies and products that we believe demonstrate continued leadership in the content industry, as well as those whose innovation foreshadows all that digital content has to offer," said Michelle Manafy, editor-in-chief, EContent. "We included Attivio in this elite group of vendors based on its ability to deliver actionable intelligence, expedite development of applications and solutions, and enable innovative projects. We have high expectations for the ongoing value Attivio will deliver to its customers and partners."
KMWorld Promise Award 2008 "The high-quality nominees for the Promise Award created a significant challenge in determining the final recipient, but in the end, Attivio was the clear winner," said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-chief. "Attivio greatly differentiates itself from others solutions by embracing and balancing business intelligence and enterprise search capabilities, its patented technology innovations and the depth and experience of its management and development teams. They exemplify a company that is truly living up to its promise of helping organizations realize positive business results."