April 1, 2013 - Newton, MA

Thousands of Companies Diagnosed with Dreaded "Silo Syndrome"

A silent epidemic afflicting hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide was diagnosed as "Silo Syndrome" today by leading Big Data authorities. Long speculated as the cause behind loss of agility, business insight and competitive advantage, Silo Syndrome does not discriminate, and is particularly dangerous to organizations in the financial services, healthcare, technology, e-business and government sectors.

Common symptoms of Silo Syndrome include:

  • An inability to immediately access business information
  • Searching for answers but never really finding them
  • Problems processing terms like "unstructured content"
  • A penchant to unnecessarily flatten relational data
  • Inability to join concepts together in real-time
  • Needlessly accessing multiple systems for "what" and "why" answers

If corporations experience any combination of these systems, they should seek help immediately.
Sid Probstein, CTO of Attivio, is working on the front lines to aid the afflicted and says a cure is available.

"Silo syndrome does not have to cripple business," Probstein said. "If a unified information access approach to managing silos of information is taken, companies do not have to suffer. They can live long and profitable lives."