The New Imperative for Digital Customer Engagement in Financial Services

Online customer experience management is much more than a well-hyped business term. It's a strategic imperative for firms looking to build competitive advantage in the face of changing customer behavior.

The growing trend in the financial services industry toward best-of-breed system environments and complex architectures, coupled with the proliferation of social media, makes it extremely challenging to aggregate and analyze all of the information required to build an intimate customer relationship. Multiple formats, disparate sources, and the growing number of point solutions further complicate the issue and create complex data silos.

However, where some financial institutions see an overwhelming mountain of structured data and unstructured content, others see a tremendous opportunity to better understand their clients, personalize and enrich each user's experience and achieve better business results.

According to Forrester Research, leaders in customer experience management realize significant annual revenue benefits when compared to underperforming firms¹

  • Insurance providers - $452M
  • Credit card providers - $307M
  • Banks - $252M
  • Investment firms - $93M

Whether via their laptop, tablet or mobile device, consumers of financial products increasingly access their accounts in an online marketplace that features intense competition and easy access to a wide range of financial providers. Because most interactions lack any human element to ensure great service, it's critical that you create a one-to-one experience that drives customer acquisition, retention and cross-selling.

Attivio has helped some of the world's leading financial firms build this exact solution, where the key benefits include:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Decreased support and infrastructure costs

Attivio AIE creates a truly personalized experience that ensures firms deliver the right content, to right user, at the right time, on the right device by leveraging:

...all in real-time...

¹ The Business Impact of Customer Experience 2012, Forrester Research, March 2012, #61251