Financial Services Solutions

Stop Drowning in Data and Start Conquering It

GraphYou have all of the information you need to increase sales productivity, improve operations, delight your customers and control risk. The challenge you face is that it’s all locked away in disconnected silos – databases, documents, emails, call center logs, websites, news feeds, social media and more. There are far too many sources and way too much volume to manually connect all the dots that reveal hidden insights and answer critical questions.

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® integrates, correlates and presents a single view of every piece of relevant intelligence about customers, operations, risk or content. AIE is proven technology used by the world's largest global financial services organizations to enhance revenue and customer loyalty, slash operational costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

AIE-powered Financial Services Solutions Include:

360 Degree View of the Customer: Deliver a comprehensive view of customer intelligence, from transactions and account history to interests and sentiment, for exceptional service and smarter sales operations both in-person and online.

Digital Customer Engagement: Drive customer acquisition, retention and upselling through a highly customized, personalized and engaging online experience powered by Attivio AIE.

Service Knowledge Expert: Reduce IT incidents, downtime, support costs and SLA violations by presenting all enterprise data and content related to a given incident with recommendations for fastest resolution.

Advanced Enterprise Search: Put an end to the high costs and poor performance of legacy enterprise search tools with the unified information access power of Attivio AIE.

Risk and Regulatory Compliance Management: Automate regulatory compliance to reduce penalties, set-aside costs and potential damage to your reputation by monitoring and harvesting rules from global regulatory websites and matching them to internal policies.