Life Sciences Solutions

Solutions to Accelerate Strategic Revenue Growth, Minimize Supply Chain Issues and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

laboratory with microscopeIn 2012, the US drug market shrank for the first time ever, confirming the arrival of the “patent cliff” for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. With widespread patent expirations still to come, pharmas must quickly re-focus their business strategies to identify new research areas and emerging smaller companies with the most promising earnings potential.

Revenue growth in the life sciences sector today requires a whole new level of intelligence that leaves no information behind. You must fully utilize all of your information assets – internal and external – to rapidly identify profitable growth opportunities ahead of your competitors.

Whether you are seeking new competitive advantage, strengthening your supply chain, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Attivio-powered solutions unlock the hidden value of all information assets to reveal new insights to make critical strategic and operational business decisions with confidence.

Attivio’s Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry Include:

Competitive Intelligence: Identify “white space” in targeted segments and recognize promising new markets before your rivals. Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) makes this happen by integrating and correlating all information – from internal data and content, to external sources including PubMed,, Cortellis, NIH, CDC and ACS databases. Attivio AIE gives your life sciences company a major competitive advantage over those with legacy market research approaches and technologies.

Supply Chain Intelligence: Attivio’s supply chain intelligence solution lets your organization minimize and respond to supply chain disturbances by quickly “connecting the dots” across all sources of information to understand what is happening with your suppliers – as well as why – throughout the product life cycle.

Advanced Enterprise Search: Many leading organizations have put an end to the high costs and poor performance of legacy enterprise search tools with Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine, bringing together all enterprise information in ways other solutions can’t match.

Regulatory Active Management System: Attivio AIE automates the regulatory compliance process from monitoring and harvesting rules from global regulatory websites, to intelligently managing all compliance workflows. Ultimately, this reduces your risk exposure and frees up capital.