‘Analyze Everything’ for Complete Business Intelligence

Executives are demanding more and more information to make critical business decisions. They understand that access to more sources of high quality information fuels better decisions.

Organizations need to expand their information infrastructure for analytics beyond their data warehouses to include content and evolve the architecture into the logical data warehouse.

- How to Expand Your Information Infrastructure for Analytics with Content, Gartner

man searching business intelligenceBusiness Intelligence (BI) tools only provide a piece of the puzzle because they are typically limited to analyzing databases (structured data) with no access to text-based information such as e-mails, documents, SharePoint files, external websites, etc. (unstructured content). These additional sources represent roughly 90% of all enterprise information.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) solves this problem by integrating, correlating, and presenting relevant information from all data sources to explain WHAT is happening as well as WHY. This context often goes undiscovered, but it can mean the difference between making the right or wrong decision.

Complete and Agile BI:

  • Unifies all enterprise silos of data and content in ways databases and other systems can’t match
  • Saves you the time and headache of constantly building and updating data models to join and present relevant information
  • Preserves the analytical value of relational data
  • Enriches data and adds structure to text-based information, making it more useful for analysis
  • Leverages popular BI tools, including TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau and QlikView

Attivio Impact: Better Business Insights and Better Decision-Making

  • Provides new, more contextually-driven insights for more effective decisions; increasing revenues, savings and competitiveness
  • Allows you to broaden the capabilities of your current BI investments, increasing organizational efficiency and user satisfaction