Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance

Reduce Fines and Set-Aside Costs, Increase Productivity and Gain Control

regulatory line graphAs more and more organizations suffer harsh fines and damaged reputations, regulatory compliance and risk management have become key board-level priorities.

But for most organizations, complying with hundreds of global regulatory agencies is complex, largely manual and consists of a decentralized series of activities.  Ultimately, the approach exposes you to risk and forces you to escrow large quantities of capital against future fines.

Attivio’s Regulatory Active Management System (RAMS) solution dramatically simplifies regulatory compliance through an automated, closed-loop process that allows your company to monitor all regulatory changes, link those changes to your affected company policies, trigger revisions and publication of changes and readily provide management visibility with a full audit trail.

RAMS is the regulatory change management solution for any company seeking to transform their compliance process to increase efficiency and quickly reduce risk.

Attivio Streamlines and Automates your Regulatory Compliance Process:

  • Centralizes and integrates internal information sources, such as policies, procedures and other controls with external regulator rule changes and news of potential changes
  • Creates relationships and tailored workflows to quickly route potential risk exposure to the right people in your organization via automated alerts
  • Reports status of compliance tasks and provides audit details
  • Presents your organization with a single, unified view into relevant information to achieve and document compliance

Attivio Impact: Significantly Reduce Costs and Gain Control of the Compliance Process

  • Reduce regulatory fines and penalties as well as your required cash reserves, freeing up working capital
  • Improve productivity and decrease costs by automating the monitoring of regulatory agency and news sites, as well as the delivery of information and role-based notifications
  • Ensure transparency, accountability and oversight through role-based dashboards that centralize information and enable exploration
  • Detailed tracking of policy revision status to quickly understand your compliance posture and provide a full audit trail