What’s Your Strategy for Analyzing Unstructured Content?

Gain Competitive Advantage with Embedded Unified Information Access

AIE in Embedded Applications

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is the first unified information access technology specifically designed to be embedded in business applications, whether on-premises or through Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our OEM partners use AIE to quickly integrate, correlate, analyze and present application data with insights drawn from all sources of “Big Content”: any human-generated text-based information, including social media, email, research documents, call transcripts, SEC filings, insurance reports and even long text fields and file attachments stored within a relational database. Such text-based information makes up more than 80% of enterprise information, but is often overlooked as an enterprise information source.

Attivio AIE ingests and integrates all unstructured content together with structured data within its universal index. In response to a user query, AIE automatically performs patented ad hoc JOINs of all related information, with no data modeling required, and with full security.

Through our alliance with Attivio, our customers now have access to all internal and external sources of unstructured content, solidifying our leadership position in the Big Data space… and making this technology accessible to companies who recognize the value of innovation that is simply not available from legacy big stack vendors…

Fred Gallagher, VP Strategic Business, Actian

Embedded AIE is designed around three fundamental principles: simple configuration and integration, robust functionality and high-end performance. AIE is fast, efficient, scalable and secure, with features that enable rapid prototyping and development.

AIE offers your customers the very best of enterprise search and business intelligence and ensures that your users have on-demand access to complete strategic information derived from all important sources, regardless of original source or data type.

What we had [from our legacy search vendor] was a passive user experience… People are looking for information, not files… With AIE, we have greatly improved information access and findability, while maintaining a secure, fault-tolerant multi-tenant model… Attivio gives Intralinks a tremendous competitive edge.

Fahim Siddiqui, EVP, Product Development and Operations, Intralinks