Marketing Analytics Solutions

Predictive Customer Analytics in the Cloud

Two people meetingFast and easy to deploy cloud-based customer analytics suite at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Based on advanced algorithms and machine learning from Quant5, our predictive analytics increase revenue per transaction, improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn, by answering key questions:

  • Which offers are established customers most likely to buy?
  • Which product bundles will get customers to buy more?
  • Where are the best up-sell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • Which customers, products and timing of purchase are similar?
  • Which customers are product advocates, and which are at risk?

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Available as an integrated product suite or as individual modules to suit specific priorities:

  • Lead and Opportunity Scoring - Classifies prospects and sales opportunities to maximize sales team utilization
  • Customer Segmentation - Identifies key customer groups who are likely to make purchases in the future and predicts how much they will pay for new items
  • Targeted Offers - Identifies the next best products and prices to offer, and when
  • Product Use - Identifies advocates, sales opportunities, and customers at risk of discontinuing service
  • Product Relationships - Predicts sales for each product in specific periods of time and suggests bundles and cross-sale promotions.