Big Data Plus Big Content Yields Big Value

…We shouldn’t be talking about Big Data [as in Volume] making decisions better, but about Diverse Data connecting the dots using new technologies, processes, and skills. We need to connect the dots or we risk drowning in Big Data.

— Harvard Business Review, Does Bigger Data Lead to Better Decisions? (2013).

Man using futuristic dashboard

To deliver the Big Data insights that your organization needs, you have to eliminate information silos and conquer the challenge of information variety – before your competition does.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® combines Big Data and Big Content, including Hadoop and the more than 80% of information that is human-generated text, to “Analyze Everything.” 


Attivio Quickly Connects the Dots Between All of Your Information Sources:

  • Universal indexing and automatic ad hoc JOIN of all information matching a given query, without costly data modeling and with full security

  • Advanced text analytics that adds context and signals from human-generated information sources (documents, email, social media, etc.)

  • Support for business intelligence/data visualization tools including Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire and Panorama

Attivio understands the increasingly important role Big Data plays in the enterprise... (Your organization) should consider the AIE platform to bring Big Data insights to business users and to demonstrate the power of Big Data to executives.

— Jeff Kelly, Wikibon