What if...Software Could Make the World a Better Place?

Attivio Partners with some of the most technologically innovative companies across the world. Check out this short video to see some of the solutions that have been built using Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine.

Insight That Matters

Watch this short video to learn how enterprises are reducing IT incident cases by 40%, how a global financial institution is reducing regulatory fines by 50% and how a global bank is unifying over 80 different applications into one, unified information access system.

Unified Information Access in 4 Minutes

Unified information access (UIA) provides complete, 360 degree business insights that not only answer what but also why. Discover UIA now in our 4-minute video.

What is Unified Information Access?

In this whiteboard video, Attivio CTO Sid Probstein provides an overview of Unified Information Access and how it applies to the enterprise. UIA platforms, such as the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine, are helping companies break down the information silos within their enterprise.

Enterprise Search Upgrade Program

Unlike most search engines, Attivio has been designed from the beginning to promote agile, rapid deployment. Implementations are measured in days and weeks, not months or longer. Attivio implementations are often in practice no more than 20 percent of the license fee, which minimizes migration costs.

Who is Attivio?

Attivio is a software company specializing in enterprise search solutions and unified information access (UIA). Our product is the Active Intelligence Engine, AIE. Click the image to watch this short video featuring Attivio CEO Ali Riaz and Attivio CTO Sid Probstein as they introduce Attivio and explain our goals and value proposition.

Connectors and Workflow

In this whiteboard video, Attivio Co-Chief Architect Martin Serrano provides a whiteboard overview of how connectors and workflow play an integral role in the Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®).

Guaranteed Indexing

In this whiteboard video, Attivio Architect Will Johnson provides an overview of guaranteed indexing in Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®).

Facet Finder in AIE

In this whiteboard video, Attivio CTO Sid Probstein walks us through the unique capabilities of the AIE Facet Finder.

Video Overview of Query-Time JOIN

Video Overview of query-side JOIN in the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine, AIE by Architect Martin Serrano

Customer Testimonial: Traction Software

This video highlights why Traction Software upgraded their legacy embedded search technology with Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®).

Customer Testimonial: IntraLinks

IntraLinks is at the forefront of early adopters of unified information access and is an Attivio customer. Executive Vice President Fahim Siddiqui provides insights into the reasons Attivio was selected to power the IntraLinks platform and why IntraLinks is able to expedite innovations that their previous legacy platform could not support.

Big Content: Insight Into the World of Human-Created Information

Check out this interview featuring our Vice President of Technology for Attivio's Channels and Alliances, Rik Tamm-Daniels, in which he discusses Big Content in more detail with Wikibon's Dave Vellente and Jeff Kelly.

Interview with Forensic Intelligence expert, Robert Milne

At the recent Forensics Expo in Europe, Robert Milne, retired Forensics Intelligence Manager from Scotland Yard stopped by the Attivio-SLTN booth and shared some of his insights on the explosion of big data and how it is impacting the technology and processes in use today.

Wikibon Peer Incite: Relay Technology Management and Attivio

Brigham Hyde, Managing Director and co-founder of Relay Technology Management and Sid Probstein, CTO of Attivio join Wikibon Big Data Analyst Jeff Kelly in this video interview. This abbreviated version highlights Relay's technology challenges in building their first product offering, BDLive! and how they use Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine to unify unstructured content and structured data from their different database systems.

ESG Reviews Attivio's UIA Maturity Model

In this brief video, Brian Babineau, Senior Consultant at Enterprise Strategy Group, reviews Attivio's Unified Information Access Maturity Model

Journalist Bill Ives Interviews Attivio's CTO

Attivio recently had the pleasure of hosting an interview between author and consultant Bill Ives and Attivio CTO Sid Probstein. Bill and Sid's discussion centered around the deluge of content created by social media on the web and what companies are doing to try to combine that public opinion and sentiment with their own internal, enterprise content and data.