Analyst Reports

TDWI Report: Achieving Greater Agility with Business Intelligence

This report, from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), examines organizations’ experiences with agile methods and technologies and recommends best practices for improving business agility.

Attivio: Unified Information Access on a Solid Search Base

IDC has published an in-depth profile of Attivio and the core functionality and differentiators of the Active Intelligence Engine.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine Provides Unified Information Access Platform for SaaS Vendors

The profile by ThinkStrategies, a leading SaaS analyst firm, details how Attivio's UIA platform has become increasingly attractive to SaaS vendors because of the functional challenges of keeping pace with users' escalating data access requirements combined with the time-to-market mandates of intensifying competition within the SaaS/Cloud marketplace.

Attivio Focuses on Total-Data Opportunity with AIE 3.0

In this report, noted analyst firm The 451 Group reviews the new features of Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine Version 3.0. 451 cites several new features designed to make the integration and analysis of a combination of unstructured and structured data easier.

Analytic Architectures - Approaches to Supporting Analytics Users and Workloads

Wayne Eckerson, renowned BI authority, offers up some useful predictions on what highly effective BI will look like over the next ten years, as well as an action plan to get there in a major new BeyeNETWORK report – Analytic Architectures: Approaches to Supporting Analytics Users and Workloads.

It's the Dawning of the Age of BI DBMS

According to this just released report from Forrester, mainstream relational databases, originally designed for transaction processing and not analysis, are an awkward fit for BI. They require lots of tuning and customization and constant optimization - which is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Unified Access to Information: Less Seeking, More Finding

According to a new report from IDC, applications built on unified information access platforms present their features in an easy-to-use environment that hides the complexity of the underlying technologies and data stores and helps workers make more informed decisions. This will be a rapid growth segment in the enterprise software space, reconfiguring both the traditional search and the traditional BI markets.

Delivering Real-time Enterprise Information Integration for Unified Access

Information integration and subsequent unification efforts (the process of being able to view and interact with newly connected data sources) are more important than ever due to an evolution in the wealth and volume of information.

Attivio: Unified Information Access at Cloud Scale for Intralinks

This case study examines the challenges of providing information access in a SaaS-based model to multiple users and organizations. It describes how Attivio and Intralinks solved the problems of differing user needs, multiple access rights models, multiple sources of information, and the dynamic nature of information access and use within enterprises today.

451 Group Market Development Report: Attivio cranks core engine as it drives search-based apps business forward

Attivio has released version 2.1 of the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) as it strives to compete with larger enterprise search firms while also carving out a niche for itself as one of the main proponents of search-based applications

Enterprise Strategy Group Report - Today's Information Access Requirements Outpace Open Source Search Options

ESG investigates the financial aspects of open source search adoption to ensure organizations consider all costs of a solution, not just a license fee, when making their next investment.

451 Group Impact Report - Attivio Adds to its Search Story and Gets Sentimental

Attivio has the engineering pedigree to be a worthy FAST successor, now that FAST is part of Microsoft – indeed, it claims good replacement business in the OEM markets of both FAST and Autonomy. New capabilities in version 1.5 open up even more use cases for the product, including voice-of-the-customer and market research applications, publishing industry tools and e-discovery.

IDC Vendor Spotlight - The Case for Unifying Information Access

IDC believes that BI and search are converging in new products and technologies as demand for unified access to information escalates. This paper examines the features and capabilities of these newer search and information unification technologies and explains why they are so important to the businesses