Complete Unified Information Access for Business Innovation

Active Intelligence Engine

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is your one-stop source for all enterprise information, trusted by our customers and partners around the world to power multiple customer-facing and internal solutions to achieve strategic initiatives and operational excellence.

Attivio AIE connects the dots between every piece of related information, regardless of source or data type: internal and external, structured (databases) and unstructured (documents/text). No advance data modeling or pre-joining of data or content is required.

Organizations that struggle with disjointed silos of information miss opportunities, make misguided decisions and overlook issues involving suppliers, competitors, compliance and operations. With Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) you can access, analyze and act upon all relevant information, with complete 360-degree insight into any topic vital to your success.

Attivio AIE makes this happen through patented unified information access technology capabilities that other solutions cannot match:

  • Universal index and patented query-time JOIN. Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine integrates, enriches, correlates and analyzes all related information – structured and unstructured, internal and external.

AIE enriches incoming information through a suite of advanced text analytics and customizable workflows. In response to each user query, AIE dynamically JOINs all related structured data and unstructured content, with no data modeling required.

  • Fastest time-to-insight. Attivio AIE presents its unified information to each user through the widest range of access tools possible, including simple Google®-like search, advanced custom search-based applications, and popular business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools including TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau, QlikView and Panorama.

Attivio AIE also optimizes the results of each user query to intelligently recommend information most valuable to that user, for a highly engaging, informative and actionable user experience that expedites time-to-insight.

  • Active Security. Some organizations cannot make critical but sensitive content available to managers because their legacy search tools cannot enforce complex security permissions. In contrast, Attivio’s Active Security handles the most demanding security. Attivio AIE provides easily managed, real-time, high-performance security regardless of what information the end user is accessing (data and/or content) or how they are accessing it.
  • Exceptional enterprise scalability. Attivio AIE’s distributable, highly parallel and fault tolerant unified information architecture powers enterprise applications on a global scale, while maximizing the efficient use of commodity hardware.
  • Never get locked into proprietary, complex development technologies. Attivio AIE enables rapidly developed and deployed custom applications – unlike other solutions that stick developers and administrators with proprietary technologies and complex programming languages such as xQuery. Attivio AIE offers flexible SDK components based on de facto industry standards: Java APIs, web service APIs, an HTTP/REST Query API, wide SQL support and ODBC/JDBC drivers that enable the use of leading BI/data visualization tools.

AIE customers reap the huge benefits of Attivio’s ongoing support and platform innovation, powered by a dynamic, customer-driven product roadmap and dedicated in-house development team.