Technical Architecture Overview

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) was built from the ground up as a unified information access (UIA) platform, capable of:

  • Freely integrating, indexing, joining and presenting all enterprise information, regardless of data type (structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured content)
  • Providing the widest variety of end-user experiences with unified information, including search, business intelligence (BI) tools and custom applications
  • Enabling rapid development and deployment of enterprise-class UIA applications using AIE as a powerful development platform

All of AIE's technical layers integrate easily with other enterprise applications and systems using an enterprise service bus and other enterprise messaging infrastructure. AIE utilizes a layered, service oriented architecture (SOA) with event-driven workflows. As one component within an AIE workflow completes desired tasks, system messages are forwarded to the queue of the next component, advancing the workflow through AIE's technical layers as needed.

Unlike other information systems such as XML databases or legacy search tools that try to retrofit data and content to accommodate the technical limitations of their solutions, AIE's core infrastructure was purpose-built to provide the most active and agile information management possible, while eliminating the technical boundaries between structured data and unstructured content sources.

AIE Technical Architecture Overview Diagram

  • Data and content connectors and the Content API enable AIE to crawl enterprise information source systems and feed data and content on a "push" or "pull" basis for ingestion processing
  • Ingestion workflows perform ETL-style processing on incoming new data and content, including normalization and cleansing using powerful linguistics and text analytics, ready for indexing
  • Universal Index — AIE's agile, schema-less information repository indexes and performs ad hoc JOINs on all data and content at query time, without "flattening" data and with no data modeling and or pre-defined joins between information sources required — an exclusive, Attivio-patented capability. The universal index also enables real-time updates and easily enforces the most complex user permissions through AIE's Active Security model
  • Query and response workflows process all requests for information and return results, including performing in-engine analytics on data and/or content, as well as automatic alerts that conditionally perform desired actions with data and content based on desired business rules and logic
  • APIs — AIE provides two powerful API types: Search and ODBC/JDBC
    • Search supports simple Google-like searching, plus AIE's advanced query language
    • AIE's ODBC/JDBC API supports full SQL, enabling the use of business intelligence (BI) tools as a visual analytical front-end to the data and content indexed within AIE