Integrate Hadoop with Unified Information Architecture

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) integrates with Hadoop and other Big Data infrastructures to dramatically simplify the task of discovering useful information and new insights.

While Hadoop does have compelling strengths, it also has some substantial gaps, which are resolved using AIE's unified information architecture:

Hadoop - Standalone Basis

Hadoop and AIE

No text analytics

AIE provides advanced linguistics and text analytics, including entity extraction, sentiment analysis, etc., to enrich and add new value to Hadoop data

No text extraction: the ability to mine text from different file formats (PDF, Word, etc.)

AIE provides the ability to mine text from over 600 different file formats

No language processing

AIE recognizes and processes text from 19 languages

Requires you to write programs using MapReduce

AIE enables access to Hadoop — correlated with other sources of structured data and unstructured content — with a wide range of access modes, from simple search to SQL

Attivio AIE can integrate Big Data with other information sources, regardless of data type; for example:
  • Hadoop Hive, HDFS and Hbase
  • Cloudera
  • Analytic database systems (ADBMS)
  • Hadoop MapReduce SDK enables results of MapReduce jobs to be pushed to AIE
  • AIE text analytics and AIE queries can be used in MapReduce jobs
Please see our AIE for Big Data solution page for further details.