AIE's Query-Time JOIN Capability

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) dynamically joins all related content and data matching a single query — with no advance data modeling, no "flattening" of data tables and no pre-defined joins between information sources required.

This exclusive patented capability developed by Attivio is not found in any other information access product, making AIE the most comprehensive unified information access (UIA) platform available today.

With one query, AIE enables users to access and analyze all types of information, regardless of source or data type, to discover new relationships and correlations between data and content that lead to new business insights.

Attivio Query-time JOIN

Attivio's Patent Covers Querying Joined Data Within a Hybrid Index, With the Following Innovations:

  • No pre-defined data schemas, relationships or modeling required to join related data or content. AIE's query-time JOIN is far more flexible and simpler to implement than SQL JOINs for relational databases, enabling IT to quickly fulfill increasing user demands for new combinations of information
  • Seamlessly integrates new data and content. Add new data tables and content to AIE at any time, ready to join with other existing information, without re-ingestion of information
  • Loads structured data on a table-by-table basis without "flattening", which loses key data relationships and impairs business value of data
  • Enables selection of relationships across multiple data tables, dynamically connecting common fields to represent one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships
  • Retrieves all related data and content at query time. In addition, related content is presented with the most highly relevant content first

Attivio's query-time JOIN solves the problem of combining data from both content sources and databases without losing data relationships and without requiring building a data model (schema) in advance.

Attivio Query-Time JOIN Patent