Real-Time Active Security for Data and Content

Attivio Active SecurityAttivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) opens up a whole new world of business insights by freely integrating, correlating and presenting all related enterprise information — structured and unstructured, internal and external.

While user security access to relational databases (structured data) is defined and maintained with relative ease, managing security permissions for unstructured content (documents, etc.) has remained maddeningly complex and labor-intensive.

Legacy enterprise search tools typically deploy document-centric security models ("early binding" and "late binding") that which cause poor query response time, demand substantial maintenance, and pose ongoing technical tasks like updating metadata and other parts of a record.

Attivio’s Active Security solves the long-standing problem of providing real-time access security controls to unstructured content with the same easy security maintenance, high scalability and fast performance you would expect for a relational database.

  • Supports the most demanding security requirements. AIE's Active Security can ingest and aggregate existing security models from Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or built on any database. An extensible API supports even the most customized security schemes. Permissions for users, groups, roles, etc. and ACLs are stored in a separate security table in the AIE universal index — without requiring a separate database.
  • Ad hoc relational JOIN of data and content filtered by user permissions. At query time, AIE’s patented JOIN capability presents all information that matches a user’s query and all of their permissions to present only the content that user is allowed to see.
  • Real-time, high performance security framework. AIE's Active Security ensures enterprise security regardless of what end user tool or user interface is in use, with no latency. No other information platform provides the agile unified information access of AIE and the scale and performance of Active Security.