Scope Search

Man looking through telescopeAttivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) allows users to limit a search to one or more desired scopes – a specific area of content ingested and indexed by AIE like a sentence, paragraph, side-bar or header.

AIE discovers useful scopes in most formats, automatically indexes scopes in XML and other hierarchical data structures, and provides the flexibility of an XML database with the performance and precision of an advanced enterprise search engine.

But the power of Attivio’s scope search goes far beyond XML. AIE users can also search for desired entities (such as persons, companies, locations), entity sentiment, keyphrases and/or dates that appear only within the scope of a sentence, paragraph, section, title and/or some other field.

AIE can present scope search results as facets, as well as presenting results with highlighted scopes, entities and key phrases. AIE also automatically JOINs multiple scope search results with no prior data modeling or pre-joining of information required.

AIE scope search enables precise user queries that provide such key business benefits as:

  • Faster “time to insight.” Use of scopes in search enables users to find specific, contextual references that quickly provide and actionable, in-depth insights, as opposed to legacy search tools that simply provide a long list of web pages or documents.

For example, AIE can answer the question, “What acquisitions of more than $1B in 2012 involved cloud computing?” through a scope search for all sentences that contain cloud computing, acquisition (and variations of the stem word acquire) and a company name. Users are then presented with the matching individual sentences, paragraphs or other meaningful blocks of text, instead of combing through matching documents in their entirety.

  • Guided research. AIE scope search dramatically expedites research efforts by revealing with pinpoint precision the most relevant details from huge volumes of long documents densely packed with information. For example, a chemical manufacturing manager analyzing the root causes of tank leaks can use AIE to search all accident reports to find all keyphrases and person’s names that appear in the same paragraph as the term tank leak. The results, sorted by count, reveal the most commonly observed conditions after a tank leak has occurred and the personnel involved.

AIE can take this research even further, automatically JOINing the above results with another scope search of company inspection reports for all keyphrases and person’s names appearing in document sections with tank inspection in the title. The manager can now review the most commonly observed conditions of all tanks before and after they leaked, and even compare them for disparities with the most common descriptions of all tanks that have had no accidents.

  • Flexible, selective querying and rendering of results. AIE can search and render different versions of documents using scopes. For example, one user might search the abstract version, another a short “social media” version, and yet another a long, “as published” version. Specialized, value-added search interfaces targeting citations, footnotes or side-bars can also be developed.