In-Engine Analytics: Automatic Data Analysis and Text Analysis

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) performs powerful In-Engine Analytics — analysis of data and/or content within AIE.

AIE can feed data or content already in its universal index through analytic workflows to draw additional valuable insight from information:

  • Perform new data transformations
  • Complete new enrichment of content
  • Perform analytic calculations
  • Write the results of new calculations to a database, or add to related documents as new metadata or real-time fields, etc.

Attivio In-Engine Analytics

These analytic workflows can be set to run automatically on a scheduled basis, include conditional business logic and run against all or a desired subset of information.

AIE's optional Behavioral Analytics module is another example of AIE's powerful in-engine analytics functionality. The Behavioral Analytics module utilizes specialized analytic workflows on a scheduled basis to evaluate historical activity, such as purchase history, user activity and item popularity, to automatically identify buying or viewing patterns. Personalized recommendations can then be automatically provided for any given item, article, etc., in response to any AIE query.

IT analysts, developers and system integrators can create additional custom analytic workflows to be run "in-engine" that match an organization's specific needs using AIE's pluggable workflow SDK. Such custom analytic workflow design can also be incorporated as part of an overall Attivio customer implementation.