A Scalable, Secure Information Management System for Unified Information Access

Attivio Enterprise Readiness

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is an enterprise-ready unified information access platform, used in some of the world's largest, most challenging mission-critical environments.

AIE fulfills the most demanding information needs with high performance, real-time security and a complete environment to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications - for unequaled time to value.

High Availability, Scalability and Performance

  • Incremental scalability. AIE's shared-nothing architecture allows AIE to scale up across multiple servers (physical and virtual) to support unlimited index size and query volume growth.
  • High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT). AIE's universal index can be replicated across multiple "rows" of AIE servers to support high availability and disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Hardware efficiency. AIE provided one of the largest global manufacturers a 300% improvement in hardware and storage efficiency over a legacy solution that was unable to fulfill the company's information access needs. AIE's hardware efficiency helps achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • High performance. AIE's performance capabilities include: high-speed content ingestion (100s to 1000s of records per second); index size up to 100M records on a single server; up to 100 queries per second per server and sub-second query response times.
  • Real-time operation. New content is rapidly made available for low latency user access. Real-time fields within documents can also be updated nearly instantly, even under heavy query load.

Rapid Application Development and Deployment

  • APIs for enterprise-class UIA applications. In addition to a wide variety of end user access options including simple and SQL search, BI tool support and Active Dashboards, AIE provides a software development kit (SDK) with server and client APIs for rapid development and deployment of custom enterprise applications.
  • Embedded workflow engine automatically integrates processing, querying and actions.
  • Rapidly integrate new information sources using web-based user interface: schedule, test and manage large numbers of data/content connectors at once.
  • Create and modify dynamic workflows and data transformations while AIE is running using web-based user interface. AIE helps expedite information processing and application development.
  • Real-time, high performance Active Security framework. AIE's Active Security ensures enterprise security regardless of what information each user is accessing or how the user is accessing the information.