AIE Business Center

Customize Visitors’ Experiences with Targeted Content, Promotions & Search Results

Person navigating virtual dashboardCustomizing online experiences for specific users lets you highlight promotions, display key messages, always display (or suppress) certain content and much more. For too long, customization required technical staff to perform complex manual scripting, leading to delays and possible erroneous offers, lost opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

Attivio has solved this problem with our Business Center, a user-friendly console that lets marketers and other non-technical staff easily customize information that’s presented by Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) without any technical help.

Now it’s easy for business professionals to control and optimize search experiences for your Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites, including:

Target Results and Promotions by Profile

Business Center lets you easily define targeted audience profiles – repeat customers in Germany, partners in South America, sales executives based in London – and define customizations unique for each audience.

Modify Search Result Rankings

Attivio AIE is noted for its excellent out-of-the-box relevancy, relevancy boosting and support for multiple relevancy models. But when your Marketing team wants to designate the top three items displayed, or a manager needs a document to not appear, Business Center makes it easy, for either a specified query or for any query executed by a targeted profile.

Display Special Promotions and Recommended Links

Perhaps you have a special offer or ad for a new product and want your customers to see it whenever they search for something in the same category. Or you might want newly hired employees to see a summary of their benefits whenever they search your human resources Intranet.

Business Center puts non-technical managers in the driver’s seat to easily customize user experiences on their own, to better meet the needs of targeted audiences and promote selected products, pages, news and offers.