Cut the Gobbledygook!

By: MaryAnne Sinville

Technology companies, and especially those of us in marketing who are chartered with describing how game-changing, bleeding edge, tectonic shifting, mind-blowing and life altering our products are, can sometimes get carried away with the kind of over-used phrases David Meerman Scott warns against in his Gobbledygook Manifesto.

Our CTO, Sid Probstein, recently sat down with long-time tech journalist Mike Vizard to brief him on Attivio's five new unified information access solutions and active dashboards.  After reading the article Mike published for IT Business Edge, I have a renewed commitment to mastering the ability to write about Attivio's innovative, unique, world-class, next-generation, cost-effective and flexible Active Intelligence Engine in as clear and concise a manner as Mike did in the following excerpt:

"Rather than having to stitch separate queries together, Active Intelligence allows users to query and search structured and unstructured data at the same time.  Those results are then presented side by side to give business users context about both a specific transaction and all the collateral information associated with that transaction."

'Nuff said!

Thanks for the lesson, Mike.  Clearly, I'm still a work in progress, but I'll get there.....starting tomorrow.

Read Mike's full article here.

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