Five Big Data Predictions For 2013

By: Sid Probstein

Big Data is very much associated with predictions...indeed, there are those who say it is all about creating information sets that can be used for that purpose.

Five Big Data Predictions For 2013So without any further ado, here are five predictions about how Big Data will change in 2013:

  1. It will morph to be about "using information to make better decisions" not just Volume or Hadoop.
  2. We will begin to hear stories about excessive spending on volume solutions that didn't deliver value (let alone ROI).
  3. Packaged "Big Data" products will emerge to address common volume issues like click tracking, shifting more focus to the issues of variety and complexity.
  4. The NoSQL space will have a crisis, with some players realizing they actually need SQL, others who are doing OK with simple APIs will realize they aren't generating enough value in their use case.
  5. At least one megavendor will propose a set of standards around "Big Data". Nobody will adopt them, not even the megavendor.

Bear in mind the famous Yogi Berra quote : "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

Happy Holidays!!

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