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Service Knowledge Expert eBook

There’s no question that effective Knowledge Management is an essential aspect of effective Service Management. The big question and the core challenge is how to effectively deliver it. Download this complimentary eBook and learn more about modern day service knowledge management solutions that make ITSM a reality.

Attivio & Unified Information Access Essentials eBook

Download our complimentary eBook and learn all you need to know about Unified Information Access (UIA). We share best practices for planning your UIA roadmap and offer tips and pointers to help you along the way. 

Analyze Everything: Driving Agile and Complete BI

This paper will brief you on Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE©), an Analyze Everything platform for complete, agile BI, integrating and correlating all your data and content silos, with no advance data modeling required.

A Maturity Model for Customer Centricity

This white paper will explore an organizational maturity model that presents a path from customer competency — the degree to which a company serves and sells to its customers with expected efficiency and coordination of customer data — to customer centricity.

Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine Provides Unified Information Access Platform for SaaS Vendors

The profile by ThinkStrategies, a leading SaaS analyst firm, details how Attivio's UIA platform has become increasingly attractive to SaaS vendors because of the functional challenges of keeping pace with users' escalating data access requirements combined with the time-to-market mandates of intensifying competition within the SaaS/Cloud marketplace.

Attivio: Unified Information Access on a Solid Search Base

IDC has published an in-depth profile of Attivio and the core functionality and differentiators of the Active Intelligence Engine.

TDWI Report: Achieving Greater Agility with Business Intelligence

This report, from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), examines organizations’ experiences with agile methods and technologies and recommends best practices for improving business agility.

What if...Software Could Make the World a Better Place?

Attivio Partners with some of the most technologically innovative companies across the world. Check out this short video to see some of the solutions that have been built using Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine.

Who is Attivio?

Attivio is a software company specializing in enterprise search solutions and unified information access (UIA). Our product is the Active Intelligence Engine, AIE. Click the image to watch this short video featuring Attivio CEO Ali Riaz and Attivio CTO Sid Probstein as they introduce Attivio and explain our goals and value proposition.

Unified Information Access in 4 Minutes

Unified information access (UIA) provides complete, 360 degree business insights that not only answer what but also why. Discover UIA now in our 4-minute video.

Insight That Matters

Watch this short video to learn how enterprises are reducing IT incident cases by 40%, how a global financial institution is reducing regulatory fines by 50% and how a global bank is unifying over 80 different applications into one, unified information access system.

Pharma Market Intelligence: Finding the next blockbuster drub buried in your data

Pharmaceutical professionals are drowning in an overwhelming amount of information - struggling to navigate through medical records, market trends and patient needs. In this article, we'll walk through steps these companies can take to optimize their data.

Attivio Wins Prestigious Pink Elephant Innovation of the Year Award

Attivio has won the 2013 Pink Elephant Innovation of the Year Award, for its Service Knowledge Expert (SKE) solution. The IT Excellence Award, which was presented February 17 at the organization’s annual conference in Las Vegas, recognizes the product or service that has made the greatest contribution to IT Service Management (ITSM) in the past year.

Tracking regulations, Dodd-Frank to MiFID

The regulatory solution, called Regulatory Active Management System (RAMS), uses the AIE to index all regulations as well as all points within the firm that should receive regulations, whether they be compliance staff or personnel in operational risk, market risk, IT or elsewhere.

Attivio Applies Predictive Analytics to Indexed Data

Attivio has put all the components needed to turn data into a business asset under a common Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) that indexes data so that IT organizations can dynamically access streams of diverse data types regardless of where they are stored or the format they are in.

Will Integrated Risk Management in Financial Services Put an End to Peak Fines? Maybe…

Risk management must be taken out of the historically siloed approach and fully reflect the “risk” of a bank’s entire portfolio of risk type functions across all jurisdictions and legal entities. 

Smooth SAILing with AIE 4.0

In Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE™) 4.0, SAIL replaces the older Simple Search User Interface (SSUI) module. SAIL makes it easy to build an AIE search interface from scratch, and thus unlock the potential of your structured and unstructured data.

Putting the Search in Research

The adoption of advanced enterprise search solutions for investment research is quickly gaining traction. And with good reason, as these solutions offer flexible access to a multitude of sources – both inside and outside of the firewall. 

Are All Analytics Predictive?

The newest release of AIE includes Attivio’s Predictive Analytics Module, which includes tools for classification, regression and co-occurrence prediction. This blog post will dive into how predictive analytics works and highlight an actual usage scenario that was constructed using AIE.